The future is here…and there will be fewer workers

I went to McDonalds on a trip to SW Missouri to watch my eldest performance on a school team event.  I had the choice of going to the regular checkout line and give my order to a worker, or go to a kiosk and order my meal electronically.

I decided this was an opportunity to see the “Brave New World” first hand.  We are going to see fewer “entry level jobs” in the food industry folks.  While it’s probably been coming no matter what, I believe it’s being hastened by the “Fight for Fifteen” movement.  Many noses are being cut off to spite faces…

I first wrote about this in an early post on this blog which you can find here.  It was quick, understandable, and easy to understand.  You can do more specialization with this method.  McDonalds should take advantage of that.  Can you imagine what In ‘n Out will do?

I don’t think it will be long before the pace of automation at restaurants quicken.  People spend time on their smartphones, I suspect it will be part of ordering before you arrive and more over the next few years.

So, how was it?  About 60 secs after I sat down with my little buzzer (think Panera bread-type hockey puck) I had my #1 meal.

Specialization boys…go for the specialization.

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